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By car the ferry terminal is about 15 minutes ferry guide okinawa from Naha&39;s airport and 10 minutes from the city. · A guide to the Kerama okinawa Islands. Okinawa is the portal between Japan and the tropics.

What are the islands in Okinawa? There are two ferries that service Zamami and Aka from ferry guide okinawa Naha: the Queen Zamami 3 and Ferry Zamami. Most travelers to Okinawa do so by air. The only ferry routes departing from okinawa Naha are to Tonaki Island and Kume Island, both crossing once per day and lasting between two and four hours.

Select an option below to ferry guide okinawa see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio&39;s travel planner. Grouping many beautiful islands, there are plenty of options regarding a trip to the Keramas. A 35-minute ferry ride from Tomari Port in Naha, this strip-shaped island is located in the east of the Keramas and is home to some 740 villagers.

Both the regular ferry and the high-speed passenger ferry run from Tomari Port, Naha City, to both ports, but ferry guide okinawa the terminal for each vessel is different. More information on these ferries can be found at the village website. The ferry from Ishigakijima Port travels to Yonagunijima Kubura Port in ferry guide okinawa about 4 hours and 30 minutes, and costs 3550 yen. At least six observatories dot the highest hills on the islands. The Ultimate Tokashiki Guide – Tokashiki is my all time most FAVORITE island destination on Okinawa.

The "Yellow Submarine", a glass-bottomed boat, sails around Aharen Bay giving passengers underwater views of the bottom of the bay. Kerama okinawa Islands: Tokashiki, Zamami, Aka and Geruma islands. Tokashiki Island (Kerama Islands) From Tomari Port guide (Naha City) to Tokashiki Port For access to Tokashiki Island, the Tokashiki ferry and marine liner are available, with both departing from the North Pier (Hokugan) of Tomari Port. A second, much slower (70-minute trip) ferry (Ferry Kerama) makes one round trip daily and costs about ¥3,200 roundtrip. How to fly from Tokyo to Okinawa? .

8 km east to west, and it takes the cake for being the best outer island because it’s got a beautiful, laid back, great. · There are 4 ways to get from Fukuoka to Okinawa by plane, bus, train or ferry. There are two ferries available, both of which depart from ferry guide okinawa Tomarin. The Kerama Islands also have an airport; ferry guide okinawa ferry guide okinawa however, it is currently not used by regular flights. · There are 7 ways to get from Osaka to Okinawa by plane, bus, train, ferry or night bus. Ishigaki ferries connect Okinawa with with crossings ferry guide okinawa available to Taketomi, Kohama, Kuroshima, Iriomote Ohara, Iriomote Uehara & Hatoma (in Okinawa).

Tokashiki Island is a quick getaway west of Naha City, with a relaxed, secluded sub-tropical island vibe, yet with ferry guide okinawa most amenities a First World traveler would desire, from resorts with ocean views, guided tours and a reasonable variety of local and ferry guide okinawa international cuisine. How to get to Okinawa. With a population of only 300, Aka-jima is the island to go to if you want beach, sun and isolation.

The port okinawa is located atNahaport terminal, Tondo Cho 2-1, ferry guide okinawa Naha Shi, Okinawa Ken. Total time about 25 hours. Aharen beach surrounded by a lot of stones and rocks on the southwest coast near Aharen Village and Tokashiku beach(or WatariYoshimi Sik beach - favorite place for divers) on the west coast are the two main tourist beaches.

With its charming, deeply-rooted cultural traditions, Okinawa is a very popular haunt for tourists from all over the world. Visit Cape Manzamo, holy Sefa-Utakai, Gyokusendo cave and see sakura blossoms at Nakijin Castle ruins. Ishigaki is popular enough to have its own airport, meaning you can fly direct from Tokyo, or from Naha in Okinawa.

Okinawa is an archipelago ferry guide okinawa formed by several islands: Ie Island. The Ultimate Ishigaki ferry guide okinawa Guide – (Coming Soon) How To Survive Summer in Okinawa – If you’re traveling during the summer. These observatories can be accessed by hiking trails.

For access to Ie Island from mainland Okinawa, the Ieshima and Gusuku ferries leave from Motobu Port. Welcome to the Zamami English Guide, an English ferry guide okinawa resource for visitors to Zamami, Aka, and Geruma Islands in ferry guide okinawa Okinawa, Japan. Snorkeling and okinawa scuba diving can be done from most any beach. Aguni Islands: Aguni and Tonaki islands. Plan your visit to Okinawa, Japan: find out where to go and what to do in Okinawa with Rough Guides.

Together with the Miyako Islands and the Okinawa Islands they make up the three main island chains of Okinawa Prefecture. ferry guide okinawa Tokashiki is located 30 km west of Naha, spans 9 km north to south, 2. · guide There are 3 ways to get from Okinawa to Amami by plane, ferry or bus. I shit you not. You&39;ll find friendly people, a slower pace of life, and everything locally-owned here. 2 hours, 3470 yen by ferry from Naha. Showcasing an unseen side of Japan, these tropical islands are scattered with superb beaches surrounded by mesmerising coral reefs, taking up just 0. The subtropical destination has a complex history; it was.

With their tropical atmosphere and laid back, rural lifestyle, the Yaeyama Islands are a popular getaway destination for those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of Japan&39;s guide metropolises. To Iheya Island: 80 minutes, 2480 yen by ferry from Unten Port on the ferry guide okinawa Motobu Peninsula. Visit our Okinawa Honto orientation page for information on how ferry guide okinawa to get around Okinawa Main ferry guide okinawa Island. · We provide you official travel guide information about Okinawa, Japan. Ferry ferry guide okinawa usage is simply unavoidable when ferry guide okinawa going to Iheya Island. Going to a port and riding a regular or express ferry can allow you to access small islands that do not have an airport. Numerous remote beaches are also found on the island. Whale-watching is one of the favorite pastimes between January and April.

. Otaru Ferry Terminal is a 10 minute bus ride from Otaru-Chikko Station or a 30 minute bus ride or 10 minute taxi ride from Otaru Station. Snorkel ferry guide okinawa or dive in the Kerama. Mitsu-shima is a small passenger speedboat that runs between Aka and Zamami four times daily. Book a Ishigaki Ferry. Both ferry guide okinawa leave from Tomari port, on highway 58 in western Naha.

Otaru is located 30 kilometers east of Sapporo (750 yen, 30-45 minutes by JR train). ferry guide okinawa If you’re thinking about a holiday on Okinawa, search no further as I have composed a guide worthy for ferry guide okinawa all travelers going along the road less traveled. Is there a ferry from Okinawa to Yonaguni?

List of ferry operators in Japan lists car ferry operators in Japan. Local buses and hotel buses meet the ferries at the port and can take you most anywhere on the island for about ¥700 per person round trip. Transportation on the Island. See full list on wikitravel. There are numerous festivals throughout the year. 6% of guide the nation’s landmass. Boats depart every 30 minutes between 7::30 with a short break around noon. Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture of Japan, containing hundreds of islands spanning over 1,000 kilometres long.

You can fly from ferry guide okinawa Tokyo to Okinawa from about ferry guide okinawa 0 USD. Two short hiking trails are found on the island. Located an hour ferry ride from Naha, you can miss snorkeling with sea turtles on her natural beaches. Car, scooter, and bicycle rentals are also available near the port. Okinawa Travel Guide Overview The southernmost prefecture of Japan, Okinawa is ferry guide okinawa made up of three groups of islands: Okinawa Shoto includes the main Okinawa Island, also known as Okinawa Honto; Miyako Islands comprises Miyako Island itself and the small islands around it; and Yaeyama Islands, which consists of Ishigaki Island and some nearby isles.

Several dive shops are located in Aharen Village. Okinawa’s primary airport of Naha is located on Okinawa Main Island, or Okinawa Honto. Kume Island can be accessed by ferry from Tomari Port in Naha City. · Japan’s southernmost prefecture, Okinawa is home to more ferry guide okinawa than 150 islands and is ferry guide okinawa known okinawa for its balmy weather and gorgeous sandy beaches. The ferry makes several stops along the way. Alas, there is no ferry service from Okinawa to Ishigaki. The roundtrip fare is 1340 yen, and the one way ferry guide okinawa trip takes 10 minutes by high speed ferry, and 15 minutes by car ferry. The journey takes about 35 minutes and costs about ¥4,200 for a roundtrip ticket.

Snorkel equipment as well as beach umbrellas can also be rented in Aharen Village okinawa next to the beach entrance. Tokashiki is the largest okinawa island in the Keramas, comprising the Tokashiki, Tokashiku and Aharen districts, with Tokashiki being the most heavily populated. Learn more okinawa about Okinawa and ferry guide okinawa plan your trip. Yokatsu Islands: Yabuchi, Henza, Miyagi, Ikei, Hamahiga, Tsuken, Ukibara, Minamiukibara and Kudaka islands. Naha is the capital city of ferry guide okinawa Okinawa Prefecture on the southern coast of Okinawa island. The gorgeous resort destination of Okinawa is ferry guide okinawa located at the southernmost tip of Japan.

Naha Ferry Port Naha Port is situated on the south coast of Okinawa, the southernmost prefecture belonging guide to Japan. Two ferries make the trip to Tokashiki daily. To Ie Island: 30 minutes, 730 yen by ferry from Motobu Port on the Motobu Peninsula. Ishigaki Ferry crossings are operated by Yaeyama Kanko Ferry & Ishigaki Dream Tours and okinawa depending on time of year you’ll find a choice of up to 40 ferry crossings daily. There are no ferry guide okinawa passenger ferry services to Ishigaki from mainland Japan or Okinawa, but cruise ships (mostly from Taiwan) stops by frequently. The Ieshima ferry offers shipping service for vehicles, but there is a free parking lot at the port, and rental cars and bicycles are available on Ie Island so that people can also enjoy travelling without the cost of taking their own vehicles.

This ferry also accommodates vehicles. Discover the top things to do in Okinawa, known for its tropical climate and beaches. Ferry runs daily between Kyushu (Kagoshima) and Okinawa (Naha).

Ferries to Okinawa. Three ferry companies operate high speed ferries and an infrequent car ferry, between Ishigaki Island and Taketomi Island. Okinawa is comprised of more than 160 beautiful islands of various sizes dotting the sea southwest of Japan. This article will explain how to travel to Okinawa from Japan’s major cities and surrounding Asian countries.

To get to any of the nearby islands in the Yaeyama archipelago (except Yonaguni) you need to take a flight to Ishigaki and then travel by ferry. · There are 6 ways to get from Okinawa to Tokyo by plane, train, ferry, bus or night bus. The list includes companies operating now.

It also lists foreign operators that have international car ferry lines to Japan. This ferry only operates twice a week. Ferry Zamami leaves in front of ferry guide okinawa Tomarin, while the high-speed Queen Zamami leaves from the north pier, or Hokugan.

Two different companies run on alternate days on exactly the same schedule. Traveling from Osaka to Okinawa, via Kansai International Airport, takes about 2 hours. Read about itineraries, activities, places to stay and travel essentials and get inspiration from the blog in the best guide to Okinawa.